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Link RomaniaThe Fonthill Foundation has funded the work of Link Romania and has helped support the ‘Future Changed’ educational project in Iasi, Romania and ensure its continuing work

This ‘Future Changed’ project focuses on the kindergarten they run for 4-7 years old who live in ‘Dallas’ Shanty town on the outskirts of Iasi as well as for their families


A Future Changed helps:-

  • Socially integrate underprivileged individuals and their children from the Ses Bahlui Dallas locality, Iasi.
  • Some of the poorest children and families strive to overcome poverty, gain access to education and develop a better life for themselves.
  • Work with families to prevention the abandoning of school by their children.
  • Encourage the social integration of preschool children from poor backgrounds so they move onto state education and remain there.
  • Regularly visit the families and advise on how to obtain certain documents eg birth certificates etc in order to access education and work
  • By providing financial support for emergency medical and dental issues that arise to maintain children’s health and ensure attendance at the ‘Little Rainbows’ Kindergarten.

Children with baskets Maths Area Snack Time Outside

In 2012 Future Changed supported 20+ children in the Little Rainbows Kindergarten and positively affected the lives of many families and individuals who live in the Ses Bahlui Dallas area.

To find out more about this project go to Link Romania

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